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About Us

"The Fastest Way to Someone's Heart is Through Their Stomach."

Meaningful relationships and meeting initiations are at the core of what FoodMeets does. Compare this with any matching app on the app store and you’ll realize that we are the only app that will provide connections over a restaurant table based on our uniqueness in group matching and scheduling.

Priya and Victoria started this journey in early 2020 as high school seniors. While they have endured rejection and isolation due to the pandemic, their passion for bringing people together guided them through everything. 

Eating a Meal

Meet The Founders

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Priya Una


Priya is currently an IU Bloomington junior majoring in informatics and statistic. She primarily leads our app team on analytics, finances, and project management. 

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Victoria Nopporn
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Victoria is currently an IU Bloomington junior majoring in information systems, finance, and law & ethics. She also focuses on the marketing and graphic design of FoodMeets.

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